Friday, 27 May 2016

My dresslink haul - review of products from dresslink.

Hello!! And welcome back to chatpatiilife! Toady am with a haul here, yes my first haul. It was long due on the blog, but I need to be using all what I got and get the best views out of them before giving my mixed review here. So now without any further delay it is here. So read till the end to know more about what I got, where I had got it from and how much do I really liked it.
and yes, in the end don't forget to check out the coupon codes!!
dresslink review. is an online shopping site. The main headquarters of dresslink is based in Hong Kong. I had already shared my wish list from the site with you all before if you haven't saw that before, you can check it out here.
So. I was super excited when I got the chance to review the site and complete my wish list by buying the products from them.

Well I added the china post for delivery of product which is kind of the cheapest in them or otherwise my shipping charges would exceed my actual buy. The parcel came in a month but it was ok for me.
So these are the things I got from them.

1.       The dress!!

Yes, the dress from the Dresslink. I never had worn a dress before so when I saw this dress I was super excited to have it as I was thinking to pair it up with a legging and rock it. It is a button down on upper half till the belt and after that a midi. The size of the dress is perfect according to what I had chosen. But, the dress is made of polyester fabric which is quite uncomfortable for wearing in summer. The only drawback is the material of dress because of which I won't think I would be wearing it a lot.

2.       Well, the second item in the list is a hair detangler.

As I had said in my wish list that I was long looking out for a hair brush or detangler, so when I saw this on Dresslink I thought why not give this one a try. There were two colors available to buy one is hot pink and other one is black. I choose the hot pink as it would be more vibrant color to look at.
The detangler is quite nice, it do stand on its claim to avoid pulling the hair and detangling easily. My hair are kind of curly wavy so I really liked how it manages to detangle them without a lot breakage.


3.       The cute makeup brush set.

This was one of the cute makeup brush set which I found on the website. I was kind of skeptical about it, but to my shock the brush are really of nice quality. The foundation brush is soft while the other brushes are soft yet sturdy to give perfect result. Some of them are not labeled with the use while as you can see many of them are in different sizes for single type of use.

      makeup brushmakeup brush

makeup brush

makeup brush
makeup brush

makeup brushmakeup brush

makeup brushmakeup brush

 makeup brushmakeup brush

 makeup brushmakeup brush

make up brush

4.       Cute makeup pouches/ travel organizer.

Many of you may know that I love to organize things, be it my house hold, wardrobe or rare makeup items that I have. I had purchased two of those lovely looking travel organizer/ makeup pouches offered by dresslink. And they are really pretty one of them is the zebra print while the other one has the red hat and heels print on black. Both of them are cute and really easy for carry around.

travel pouch
tavel pouch

So these things wrap my dresslink parcel and I could say that am satisfied with my haul. As they were all sent to me and not my purchased exactly, I am kind of satisfied. But, I won’t recommend purchasing a clothing item from the dresslink while for other things like makeup bags, brushes etc. the dresslink is a good option.
And now the part to share the coupon code

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So, my overall rating for dresslink would be 3.8/5

Do let me know if you have any purchase from dresslink, n how your experience was.

Till next time make your life, chatpatiilife!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

A memorable event with indiblogger with catchupongrowth

Hi friends and welcome back to Chatpatiilife once again. Today am sharing some personal/ professional experience I had just last week which was became one of the most memorable outing for me. It was the Indi blogger meet with collaboration to the Horlicks for their new product launch Horlicks growth+. It was a mesmerizing event I attended in my life. A fun filled event with full of like-minded people yet, everyone is different somehow. Want to know every aspect of the day, so read till the end.
Well as per start from enrolment, yes all the blogger on Indi blogger were given the chance to join in this amazing meet. We just had to confirm the seat to join and it was really easy. As soon as I opted for the pass the email from Indi team chimes in my mailbox sending the QR code to me with the basic details like the dress code and rules regulations. But one thing that never ever left out is the sense of humor of the Indi crew. (Yes I know lot of Indi’s here, but we all are Indians, so it’s great!!)

my pass to indimeet

Event day

Now we get straight to the event, well the Indi meet as we say it is not a small event, and if you think that the Indi blogger would have arranges it in the place like CCD or some fancy cafe, so think again. The place where the Indi meet was organized was none other than the Lalit, New Delhi. That's what we call a huge thinking.

the Lalit hotel - indimeet

The timing was from 12:30 to 5:00 but if you asked me it was really felt like we just didn't get much time. As there were so many bloggers, so much knowledge passing through one to another that I never wanted it to end. Well as the event began even before 12:30 huge swarm of the bloggers were waiting in the lobby of the Lalit. As the doors to the hall opened we all have to check in with the QR codes/ passes which ultimately check-ins to our twitter itself, amazing isn't it. Well as we all were rushed through the open gates of hall, the smell of delicious food welcome us and every control over the diet would have been gone from every female blogger there for sure. The tasty variety of dal and curry with rice and butter naan full filled our stomach and our heart already. The gossiping with other bloggers about their blog, latest work, their passion, their origin as many of them were from out of Delhi as well like from Jaipur, Bangalore, Kolkata to name few. It was overwhelming to see that the people had especially came from far to be a part of Indi meet. Well all those chatter fill the place with togetherness.
the Lalit hotel - indimeet

the Lalit hotel - indimeet

the Lalit hotel - indimeet

As we just finished the yummy treat we all were ushered to the conference room where our host Anoop welcome us with full of energy and exciting surprises. First to make us comfortable and relaxed he made us to play a game, where any random blogger could give the intro and will get some prize. But behold the prize could be anything from a cup of yogurt to 1000 INR voucher or it could even be an apple!!! (But it came to be a real apple though).
our host!! - Mr. Anoop

The panel

After the fun little game when we all being settled nicely. The panel of discussion was introduced. There were three great beings to help us that day with all the queries a parent could have regarding the diet or health of their child. The panel members were
1. Dr. Rajiv Chhabra
Dr. Rajiv Chhabra is HOD of Pediatrics at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. In the last 17 years he has worked with Max Hospital, St Mary's Hospital, Seth GS Medical College & Rajiv Gandhi Cancer institute & Research Centre, New Delhi.
2. Ms. Satinder Kaur Walia
Ms. Satinder Kaur Walia has more than a decade of experience in working with individuals with disabilities both in India and as well as in USA. She received her Master's degree in Psychology with a specialization in School Psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA.

3. Dr. Jyoti Arora
Dr. Jyoti Arora is currently working as the Head Dietician at Batra Hospital. In her 15 Years of experience she has worked with Artemis, Fortis, Max & Paras Hospitals.
Most important part of her work is counselling the patients and helping them out on their Diet plans. 

The great panel
And our lovely moderator through the panel was Natasha Badhwar.
Natasha Badhwar is a mother of three, a seasoned media professional and columnist with more than two decades of experience. She is also the co-owner of Ochre Sky, an online fashion brand. She conducts Workshops & coaches Senior Management in 'Speaking for Television' and 'Branding and Identity.' An avid blogger, Natasha also writes a fortnightly column, "My Daughters' Mum" on Mint Lounge.
That’s what we called a multi-talented women!

the talented - Natasha Badhwar

The panel discussion goes along like maybe 1 or one and a half hour long in which we got to learn many more things about right diet, healthy parenting etc. while m a kid myself, I enjoyed the panel because how easily the knowledge was spreading and the independence we got to ask or share our view points.

Product launch

After the panel was over, the stage was taken by Dr. Amaan Khan and Dr. Aditya Kaushik for the product launch. And the product was the Horlicks growth+ which is made especially considering the malnourished or say undernourished children to help them getting taller, stronger and sharper. After the product launch we all got the chance to taste the yummy Horlicks and I got the great vanilla flavored one. Which was like melted dewy vanilla ice-cream in my mouth. It was really yummy.

horlicks growth+

the product in spotlight
horlicks growth +

yummy horlicks to taste!!
After all this we got tini tiny break to have coffee or tea and recharge ourselves as they told us that we won’t be able to sit when we will come back. Beholding the threat in our mind we all got to the coffee bar to recharge ourselves and chatting some more.
When we get back the arrangement was changed seats were moved to the sides and we all standing in between. So coming to the point we were asked to make team of ten I were in team 7!! (Well you will know why I tell you my team number).
looking for teams

leaders getting surprise props

All the teams got some props in which a fruit basket and Horlicks were for all and some special one according to what our leader got. We had to make a video using those props which has to be in 30 secs. And I would tell you it really wasn’t easy. We had discussed a lot, changed our video 4 times because it was exceeding the time limit. But at last after a lot effort our video was made and one of our team member and my dear friend jinjin posted it on twitter. After the videos were made we all had group photos to make the day more memorable.
team trying to make video

hard time discussing with loud voices

group discussion for our video

our team - team 7!!

group photo at indi meet
The Indi team was amazing, lot of fun, amazing get-together, day full of excitement. Really had a great blasting day and would love to attend the Indi meet again and again.

P.S. - the motive behind telling you guys the team number is that, the contest always has a winner and the winner is our team!!

Till next time, make your life – chatpatiilife.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Trip i always remember - nainital.

Hi friends how have you been?? Well we all could say that we all are been hot lately  J , well given the weather right now in Delhi I could say that all the people here are super-hot right now. We all look forward to these summery months of May and June to plan a getaway to any amazing place where we could be more relaxed away from every tension and chilling out.

Well like every other person I have my own aspiration to a place to visit in coming days. I am looking forward for the vacation back to nanital. Yes, I said back to nanital because I have been there once before when I was young around 4 or 5 years, why not instead of making plans here I would tell you about how it was for me to visit nanital for first time.


My trip

I still remember it was the time of winter at that time, it was one of my favorite vacation ever as it was my birthday in the end of December. My dad had been planning for it for a long time and had booked the Domestic Airlines from Delhi to pantnagar near nanital.

After reaching to the pantnagar we had hired a taxi to nanital which was about 72 Kms away from there. The climate was a bit chilly but no aspect of any snowfall was there. We had reached to our destined hotel easily within an hour and waited there till we could have lunch and some rest. I was not much happy there as I really wanted to see the snowfall but nevertheless, my dad had some plans to make my day special.

We were in the hotel situated in front of Naini Lake, which is the famous lake of nanital and because of which the place has got its name. My dad had arranged all the things before we stepped out of hotel. As we go to the Naini Lake just when I step around it, I saw the fleet of Ducks at there. I was excited yet scared to go near them, but my cousin took me with him near the fleet to feed the bread crumbs to them. After a while we went for a boat ride. It was great experience to watch duck surrounding our boat and swimming beside us. Beside this, we went to hanuman temple. Which is just near by the lake. A little devotion with fun made that day a memorial day. But, trip doesn’t end there.
source -

source -

Next day was like a blessing because it was snowing early morning. I was so much excited to watch the falling snow and to feel it on my hands. When I got the chance to get out of hotel the snowfall was stopped but there was heavy snow all around me. We all had played the snow fight there.
We travelled through bus it wasn’t that comfortable but view of nature and the image of nanital can only be gain by this kind of travel. We admire the view of Naini Lake through the top, which resembles an eye of the naina devi.

snow view point

On our way back we had some shopping from bhotia market which is known for candles and wooden artifact as a souvenir to remember a close look to nature aka nanital.  

source -

Tibetan market

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Happy mothers day!!

Mother... A single word which brought up all the love we ever had from our memories all freshen up. Our mom not only had given us a life, but also uncountable happiness and love which we could never even measure up.
In all that love and pampering we had become addicted to it, that we never had been thankful to her.
Now while the mother's day is just around the corner peeking up, chatpatiilife decides to pick some memories which deserves thankyou forever to our moms. so it is dedicated to all the moms out there...

Things we should be thankful to her.

1. All the times we just called "mummy" (or i should say yelled) she had been there to help us out. Maybe we need something to eat, can't find something in home while it was just in front of our eyes. Mom is always to the rescue.

2. For all those times when she slept late or even didn't slept the whole night for us when we get sick. The whole night of keeping wet bandages on our head, taking care of us, lulling us to sleep thank you mom...
mother taking care of child

3. For our last minute completing homework to our last week project submission mom had helped us in all that.

mother helping in work

4. For the yummy food she cooked for us every single day without any leave... no matter if she is not in mood, or she is unwell, i had never my mom taken a leave from making food for us ever.

indian food

5. She is the one who never told us what we want to hear, but what is exactly she sees. For every time she told us exactly how we are, maybe that of looks or how on we behave.

6. For making our every birthday the special day in our life...

birthday cake

7. She is the only one who spoil us in right manner. The gifts we worth and we need. She always take care of what we need even before we could notice it ourselves.

8. She is the one who is being our pillar of strength no matter what happens. when we had fight with friends, being lonely at some time, feeling scared about anything. She is always there to give us courage and strength to recover from anything.

mother's day quote

9. For being everything to us, and loving us with all of your heart.
She is everything to us, she had been our friend, our teacher, our moral, our carer, our ultimate solution o everything we want in our life. She is always there to love and support us no matter what happens!

mother loving her child

10. For being the right one always.

Love you mom!! For always being with me ever forever, and help me to become a better person everyday.

do share with your mom to tell her how much you are grateful to have her in your life!!! 

till next time make your life chatpatiilife!!

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