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– Is sacrificing present for a good future, worthy???

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Many people say live every day as its the last one you have, even i believe it to some extent too… But we all know that its not fully possible.Every thing in life has more than one face to show like a coin… Sacrificing is also like that coin with two faces. Sacrificing is one […]

summer book love….

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As month of may is approaching so is the relaxing, lazy feeling. Its time when we feel the need of afternoon nap, relaxing on beach with ice cold drink by side, a book in your nook and a relaxing nap. While i can’t say about how to nap, i could surely share some of the […]

Summer skin care!!

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Summer is on, so is the hot itchy feeling!! While we love the sun, it could leave us burn!! Here i am to share some of the tips to save our lovely skin from heat, for which our skin will thank us later… 1. Know the cause The main skin harming element is sun rays. […]

Quotes i love…

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Nowadays women empowerment is being a topic of interest. Our nation is encouraging women to get education, to be independent… Today i want to share some of the quotes i love which are about woman Check out!!!  And….I m me….  Because I love myself.  True, never let someone rule you…  Dreams are your window to […]

Picks of the season for Summer 2015

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Hii friends, summer is coming back… After some rain, thunderstorms, the breezy warm season will be back soon!! Why not check out some things about summer. Sooo here are my picks on this season i.e. summer. Check it out… 1.Sunglasses You can’t emphasize on sunglasses enough.. They are the style statement as well as the […]

My Delhi….

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My Delhi … As what I feel….. Hiii guys its my first official post and m so much excited to share it… The first topic I want to share is what I feel is most close to me, which is my home, my place, My DELHI… I was born in Delhi. My love for Delhi […]

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