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Morning blues

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Ohh!! Weekend was great, or it was wonderful spending vacations there, these are the thoughts that lingers in our mind right now or may be some of us are still enjoying the summer vacation time…. But our mind could not stop thinking about the day when vacations will be over n work will start again! […]

Father’s day

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While father’s day is around the corner, why not we should go back down the memory lane and revive some moments we spent with our dads, which are the part of our happily living life…Today i want to share some of my favorite things which could be made special by father only.  1.Piggy back/horse rides […]

#Questionsforgod – my thoughts!!

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Today i want to share something from my thoughts, it’s first time for me and i hope that you would like it too. As a curious person i am, i was searching a community which i love so much now i.e. indiblogger. They have a section ‘indispire’ n this week the topic was Do we […]

#makeup:- makeup essentials for every women…

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A smudge on cheeks, a stain on lips. Not just any, but makeup’s could make our look more enhancing. We share the basic or essential makeup products that we all need to have… 1. Concealer –  Just dab concealer on your blemishes or redness on the face and on the under eyes dark circle to […]

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