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#Review – Epic change in watching t.v. with tata sky transfer

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Life tends to get busy and entertainment becomes luxury. Every one has work nowadays that chew up their whole time. Some needs to be at office for long hours or some just have to travel long for it. Then after the whole day tiring up there’s no energy to be on time for our daily […]

# Review – bdel hand sanitizer.

Remember your mother always teaches you to wash your hands with soap before eating food or after playing outside in park, after coming back home from school… There are many advices which you may remember about clean hands. But what’s the purpose?? 1. Introduction. Clean hands indicate good health as 90% of infecting germs spread […]

#Review :- Boroplus advance mosturising face wash!!

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Search for a good face wash is never easy. It should be effective to the skin and also in the budget. The same search brings me to the one of the good quality n price efficient face wash from Boroplus. 1. Introduction Boroplus is the leading Indian skin care brand. Boroplus from Emami India claims […]

#Health – belly dance as healthy routine???

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source – Belly dance doesn’t need any major overview about what it is…nowadays many bollywood divas are performing belly dance in their movies or as a special appearance.It’s a dance form originated in Eastern Asia. The dance focuses on dividing different parts of the body and moving them independently in sensual patterns. Belly dancing […]

#Essentials – must have in bags!!

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Ever wonder why our handbags looks like a heavy unorganized mess?? While we have all the world pack in it we sometimes forget what we really need to put. So here is the guide to the essentials in bag – the list of things girls can’t live without. 1. Shades A must to have to […]

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