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#essentials – 5 more tips to keep baby’s skin soft.!!

In my last post I had given you five basic tips to keep the baby skin feathery soft thus keeping the baby healthy. Today in this post I will tell you more about other tips that could be useful to you to keep your bundle of joy’s skin soft and smooth. 1.       Keeping the temperature […]

#Essentials – Top 5 ways to keep baby’s skin soft!!

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Babies are so cute and as the bundle of cotton, the feathery touch, they are a blessing of god shower upon us. Their smooth and soft hands, legs, face all are joy to see or to touch, but the skin can be itchy and harsh if the care of baby’s skin is not taken properly. […]

#award – my first award!! – liebster award!!

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Hi friends. It’s been only a less than a year when I started to blog. I didn’t know what m going to write down here, how will I get to know the people around, how I am going to pursue them to read my thoughts etc. etc. there are lot of thoughts in my mind […]

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