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#Valentine – 7 characters that every girl looks in her man!!

Valentine day is just around the corner well at least week is started ticking, so why not be sure to be the man every girl want in her life?
Today m sharing 7 characteristics that every girl looks in her man.

1. Good looks matter.

We don’t want you to look like brad Pitt or tom cruise, but still if you could at least freshen up before you meet her would be a lot.

2. Chivalry.

We know we say we could handle ourselves but doing small gestures like opening the door for us, pulling the seat in restaurant for us, or sending us some pretty flowers. They show us that gentlemen are not just in stories anymore.

3. Listen dear!

We want you to just listen to us. We may don’t need an answer, any explanation, any thought afterward, but we just need someone to hear us. To whom we can share our day.

4. Say more.

Yes, we like to talk about ourselves but we love more to hear you. We love it when you tell us about your day, your thoughts for next year, month or even next hour. It make us feel a part of your life. Do share with us.

5. Compliment.

Complimenting is an art. Please do learn it. Maybe you call her baby, Shona, sweety all the time but the classics- beautiful, gorgeous words are never going to old. They can always bless you with smile on her face anytime, anywhere.

6. Love pet.

Please start loving pets. Men playing with small pup, cat or even fishes are just heartfelt to us.

7. We matter.

Asking us in matters is a golden rule. Whenever you take a decision regarding us, do ask our words. Maybe we don’t have anything to say over it, maybe you know we are going to agree to you but still asking us matters. It gives us feeling of importance in your life.


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