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#Review – Glowing, healthy skin with sheer skinz – soaps!

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Everyone wants the natural glowing healthy skin but not all of us are blessed with it. For achieving that flowing skin we had used so many products but only some of them gives desired effect. So on the quest of finding best for my skin I looked out to sheer skinz.


Sheer skinz is a beauty brand which makes the products using Ayurveda. Their products have herbal extracts and various essential oils. All the products are made by traditional method keeping the quality and purity to the class. They have variety of soaps, face wash, scrub and masques, shower gel etc.


So here are what I put in my bag when I went on hunt for moisturized skin.
  • Glycerin soaps.
  • Shower gel.
  • Face wash.

  • And a bonus for my hair – hair oil.

So today m going over the lovely glycerin soap bars I got.

Brand claims

Sheer Skinz soaps are 100% natural and infused with the purest extracts along with natural water and pure essential oils. The blends of real essential oils make these body wash aroma therapeutic & relax your body, mind & soul.
Sheer Skinz Luxurious Soaps contain selected herbs known for their nourishing and cleansing properties without stripping natural moisture.
It provides cool refreshing effect while cleansing & nourishes the skin naturally & gives long lasting Fragrance & Freshness after bath.


The packaging of soap is really simple. It is covered in clear plastic cover which is kind of really soft one as the poly bag material. While having two paper sheet printed with name and ingredients etc. on both sides. The packaging doesn’t support the soap or prevent it from any damage due to fall or poke by sharp object.


each of soap has extracts of aloe vera, nagkesar, turmeric, saffron, neem, amla, vitamin-e glycerine, sugar, soap base, purified water and essential oil.


One for 75/-
Two for 140/- (see they know the bargaining of Indians)

Shelf life –

Up to 2 years. But store in cool and dry place.

Weight – 

each soap bar is 125gms.

Color –

According to their essential oils they are
Bengal Tuberose is red, aloe Vera and neem is white, jasmine and patchouli is violet and neroli lime is yellow.


They all smell really mild but lovely. I like the lingering smell post bath.

Review / My experience

I have been using these soap ( of course one at a time!) from more than month, and in those month we have experienced winter chilly days, mild warm day, rainy day even. But one thing that doesn’t changed is the effect of soap.
The soaps are glycerin based thus, they doesn’t leave skin dry or harsh post bath. All of them are really gentle and soft to the skin. They have mild fragrance which does not bother me (as I have sensitive nose). It fragrance remains up to 4 hours in normal winter days but not in humidity for long. The packaging has good amount of product in each and if you keep them dry after bath they may be used more than a month.

Overall I like how the soap is natural and soft for my skin. M just not a fan for their packaging.


  • As by comparing to pears, budget friendly
  • Good amount of product
  • Soft and gentle


  • I didn’t like the packaging much.


These are available on their website here.



Chatpatiilife’s recommendation

The soaps are really great if you have normal to dry skin. I would highly recommend it for daily use in any weather over other glycerin based soaps.
Till next time, make your own life – Chatpatiilife!!


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