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Urban color launch meet by modicare.

urban color review on chatpatiilife.

Do you love makeup?

is colorbar one of your favorite?

Do you love awesome makeup in budget??

If your answer to every question is a yes then read on to find out more about the newly launched makeup range by modicare called the urban color.


What is urban color?


If i have to define the urban color in just 5 sentences they will be

  1. Sister of colorbar so great packaging.
  2. Competitor to oriflame, amway etc. in selling business.
  3. Quality is on top notch, better than colorbar even.
  4. Specially made for indian skin.
  5. Amazing price.


urban color review on chatpatiilife.


So now we will see all that in detail.


1. Packaging.


As i told you that the urban color is the range launched by modicare, i would like to tell you that the colorbar is already out there by modicare itself. Both the colorbar and now urban color is launched by Samir Modi, the director of Modicare ltd.


While the product specifications are totally different of both the ranges, but you can find the similarity in their packaging. I personally like the packaging of primer and foundations as the best. The caps are sturdy, the mouth of the tube is small so that the desired amount of product can come out only. It ensures that the product is hygienic every time you use.


One thing I like more about the packaging from their lips and nail collection. While each of the product have a code no. they also have the name with it. Sometimes it hard to remember the code nos. of the product but you can always define the color.


Now, the first ques that arises in mind is that why they had launched an entire new range while they already have a successful capture in market with colorbar? These questions bring us to the next point.


2. Product availability.


The concept which the modicare ltd. uses to sell their product is direct selling. Actually, Samir Modi himself is the founder of IDSA (indian direct selling association) they already have wellness, skin care, personal care, food etc but they didn’t have a cosmetic range in that market. And after this launch of urban color i think he oriflame will get absolute competition within their highly captured direct market of selling cosmetics.


In simple words, according to the IDSA rules and regulations. The product selling through the direct marketing cannot be sold any other way. Thus, you can only purchase the product from a modicare consultant, who is being a part of this direct selling or you can be a part of them by registering as a consultant member of them.


Thus, they can’t sell colorbar in this category. Other than this, the colorbar is made for international market while in direct selling Mr. Samir modi want to give Indians their own brand. About it I will tell u later in post.


3. Quality of urban color.


While the urban color is made for direct selling in india, its quality has not been compromised. While other DS companies manufacture their product in India itself, the urban color have been formulated and manufactured in countries like Germany, France and Italy.

urban color nail paint on chatpatiilife.

All of their products flew out from other countries and packed here in India. Thus, the quality has been the best.


4. Made for Indian skin.


While these products are made in foreign country, Indian skin colors are kept in mind for them. The basic colors that you would find in their foundation or compact are 4 shades – fair, medium, honey and porcelain. Each of the shade is made to compliment every Indian skin.

foundation shades from urban color


Not only just foundation or compact even their lip and nail colors have been made keeping in mind that which colors suit the Indian skin and which colors Indian women preferably likes to wear.


5. Amazing price.

The pricing of urban color has been put up with consideration of every Indian household. The quality : price ratio is amazing by the urban color. The price of urban color products are unbeatable in comparison to what kind of quality they are providing.


you can check out the full catalouge here.


There are more than 45 shades of lipsticks which are being launched by urban color are all priced at INR 450 which is less than $8.

creame lipsticks from urban color collection



Liquid lipsticks are for INR 550. They have only launched 7 shades in liquid lipsticks. While there are more in gloss.



While the gloss cost only INR 320. They have 8 shades in shine only and 6 shades with shimmer.


lipgloss from urban color


The nail paints have huge collection and you may find every color you can think of in their catalogue. They have 50 shades in premium nail lacquer which cost INR 195 and 25 shades in guaranteed 60 seconds dry formula, quick dry which cost INR 210.


nailaints from urban color


The primer is for INR 550, the foundations are for INR 450 which are available in 4 shades and the 3 in 1 CFC is for INR 750.

corrector-foundation-compact 3 in 1 makeup from urban color

CFC, 3 n 1 compact shades.


The compact are available in 3 shades and cost for INR 625.


The blushes, my most favorite colors. the pretty blushes in 3 shades which are fresh coral, sheer glow and my favourite rose light are cost for INR 450 each.

blush and shades available from urban color



The last two things in their range are those makeup item without which the look is incomplete. The 10 hour smudge proof kajal and single coat finish mascara. Both of them are cost for INR 300 and INR 450 respectively.


mascara and10 hour smudge proof kajal from urban color range


Last thoughts.


Soon i would give you my hands down detailed review over the products from the urban color cosmetic range, but till then I want to let you know guys that am enjoying the every other day styling with the products.


Till next time make our life chatpatiilife!!


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