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Diaries and Notebooks Wishlist from kraftly

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minion with mooch diary by mooch

Dairies are my ultimate friends. My love for the paper binded as a pretty notebook is beyond craziness for some. I love to collect dairies not just the unique one but also the normal day to days which I can found and I almost never gonna fill them up as they are too pretty to be write on. Well you may have got my point, today am sharing some of the diaries I have in my wishlist and maybe you would like them too.


The elephant print diaries

diary with elephant print cover

The little elephant print diaries are super cute. this one is a handmade diary binded with hands using thick thread and also you can tie it with the thread to keep it protected and looking ethnic.


Leather notebook with metal clasp

leather cover notebook with metal clasp.

This handmade notebook has a leather cover and binded with cross stitch. The tick notebook has plain handmade paper great for sketching, doodling or normal writing. It closes with a metal clasp which is the main attraction of the notebook. The edge of leather has been bounded by thread which is really beautiful.


Minion mooch

minion with mooch, by mooch.

This minion mooch notebook is made by mooch who are very creative in terms of at and designing. I love this minion with a mooch cover from them but you can find many other creation as well.


Wood cover notebook.

wooden cover notebook.

These notebooks are with spiral bind and have a wooden cover on top. The cover is made f dark wood and the pictures are carved over the wood. The detail of the picture looks amazing and there are different covers to choose from.


Double door notebook

diary with double door cover.

This notebook make me remember the treasure boxes. the diary can be closed by tying a knot of the rope which is on the double doors of it. The rope also has cute tassels at the end. The best part is the diary is made from recycled paper. The  paper is handmade using old newspapers, cotton waste and also the jute strands.


These are some of the diaries and notebooks which I have in my wishlist right now. do let e know if any of them are in yours too? Find these diaries and notebooks and many more on kraftly. Till next time make your life chatpatiilife.


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