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Down the memory lane.

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It’s been a long time since I had shared something personal here. Today behold as am starting to share one of the most emotional relation here. Am going to share my friendship tale. Maybe it could go on long but i would definitely try to summarize my emotions about my friend Mak.

Moksha AKA Mak is my bestie. It’s been more than 13 years when we had first met in our class. Both were looking for a seat partner and I literally dragged here from corner seat to the middle one so I won’t have to sit in dull corner. From that day to now we are inseparable.

Me and My bestie Mak.

Me and My bestie Mak.

There were times when we were not seeing each other eye to eye but dare to say a word against anyone of us, and you would know whose side we will always be. The games class was our enemy, I was not a great player and we mostly land in different teams while the teams get in fighting we were too but just when the bell rangs up we both start talking funny while coming back to class. Even our team members get shocked to see that we were fighting a moment ago and now sharing our lunch together.

Usually we were regular to school as if one is not present other one could not pass the day. But once my friend Mak was absent I was like ok she ditched me but tomorrow is mine. But again a holiday, now I was curious. Next day again she was on holiday and I was nervous that she would be ok. Those times we didn’t’ have cell phones so i called up her home and her mother picked up. I asked about mak and my tear slipped away, she was having 104 fever. ( even right now while telling, I am getting emotional). From that day I was famous in her whole extended family as her bestie.

my friend Mak.

my friend Mak.

If you see her you will think she is shy, polite and sweet but we both laugh at this because I call her ‘volcano’. She is really short tempered but won’t show it to others and when she is fed up she would start looking for me to take it all out. But we understand each other to not to mind that.

Years passed we took different streams and our classes got changed. She was in home science and she used to prepare yummy dishes in her class. How I know? Because I was the first taster after teacher to judge it. She won’t let anybody eat before me and also save some aside for later for us to enjoy.

Even now when we are indulge in our life we still talk with each other on phone and social media every other day. We still cherish those moments and will always. Whenever we met we are so into sharing our lives, or say gossiping that we never felt a need for pictures so these are one of those rares which others force to take.



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