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Organization of home this Diwali.

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wooden bowl

At the time of Diwali we are all about organisation. We usually go cleaning throughout our home at least once  and sometimes twice too. Sorting out keepsake and throw away piles, cleaning out wardrobes, rooms, attic, rarely used cupboards etc in short everything.

I personally like to clean out all the mess I had made in my wardrobe and drawers over the year and keeping them organised in cute boxes or other storage items. Today I am sharing some of the storage items you could use to keep the mess away and cuteness in.

Elephant storage box.

Elephant storage box

elephant storage box.

This cute elephant will look so much pretty on your bedside table or in the dining room as well. Keep you daily essential like your medicines, rubber bands etc. which you need every day in it and keep it near you on your bedside table. Or you can keep salt and pepper shaker, mukhwas etc in it and keep it on your dining table to impress your guests.

Wooden Bowl.

wooden bowl

Keep it on your side table near you main gate to keep your keys in it. Empty out pocket just after entering the house is my daily ritual and also this bowl looks super cute.

Storage Ottoman

storage ottoman


Sweet seating arrangement which can lift up the spirits of the room easily. And you can also have a hidden space to keep your belongings. The best thing about it, if you don’t need it you can easily keep it aside folded. So it’s a storage space which doesn’t take space. Get it!!

Trays or baskets

trays and basket

While we like to keep our dressers, tables, etc organised. Sometimes or if we confess, most of the time our wardrobe is totally mess. Every piece of clothing, jewelry etc is not where you had kept it and lost in the big narnia of our wardrobe.

These baskets, trays are great way to organised and separate different sections in your wardrobe and keeping it nicely presented inside out.

Saree storage box

saree storage box

The weather is changing and so does our need of clothing we need to pack some things back and take some things out. This process is tiring and not to mention messy. Keep these saree storage box as your multipurpose clothing storage which are not sore to eyes while really being useful.

So these are my picks to storage items which I already have and I really suggest you should have them too. find them and much more on kraftly. Till next time have fun and make your life Chatpatiilife.


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