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Why Insurance is important in our life

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insurance. the impotance of insurance in our life.

In today’s time, we always try to be cautious about our future. We always try to take decisions which not only benefit us today but will be fruitful in future also. One of these crucial decision is about the insurance.

Today I want to share with you why insurance is important in our life and what is the best time to buy it.

insurance. the impotance of insurance in our life.

We all know what insurance is and many of us may have insurance for our life, home, office etc. But if you don’t have one yet, you should. Here are some of the reasons why insurance is important.

1. It gives peace to mind.

Having an insurance for yourself or for your family provides you the much-required peace of mind. For example, if you have health insurance, you would not have to worry about the uncertain health issues. You can easily bear the hospitals bills, medicines expenses etc. for the patient as they all will be covered by the insurance.

2. It lets you take risks without tension.

We all know life is full of risks, and we can only take steps to minimise it. One of the crucial step is to have an insurance. What is the bread earner of the house dies suddenly or even gets ill thus, cannot earn? At these time insurance helps the family to survive and provides stability to overcome at least the financial burden that could happen to be on them.

3. It is a future investment for yourself or your family.

I cannot emphasize much on insurance as an investment plan. Suppose you had an insurance for your life for next ten years. In those ten years, you haven’t use the insurance money. Thus, the insurance money which you were saving from a long time finally matures and you can claim the money. This one is a typical example. But there are many such insurance plans specially made for investing money for future like higher studies, marriage, retirement etc.

All these are simply investments in the form of insurance for your future.

When is the best time to buy insurance?

The best time to buy insurance is now! Yes, the earlier you buy the cheaper it would be. And the best thing is now buying insurance has become really simple like online shopping as now #Yebhionline.

Buying insurance earlier allows you to choose a long-term range of plan. Like if you are ensuring a 30 days old child you can choose to take the policy term from 18 years to 27 years!! And as the age grows the limit of policy term also decreases.

But don’t worry you can easily buy your insurance plan right now and find out the best plan suited to you according to your income and other factors by just a click to insure .


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