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Trichoz hair serum review- competition to livon?

trichoz hair serum

Trichoz intensive hair serum in simple words an alternative to the famous livon. But is trichoz worth to try instead of using our old trusted livon? Here is my take on trichoz hair serum.

Product and Brand

Trichoz intensive hair serum is from an Indian company Ethicare Remedies which deals in dermatology and cosmetic products since 2003. Trichoz intensive hair serum is a hair fiber sealing serum which instantly smoothens the hair and helps in detangling.


Trichoz hair serum comes in a black cardboard box which is sealed with holographic tape and then the package is sealed in the plastic wrap. The box contains all the details about the product, its usage, its benefit, price etc.

trichoz hair serum

The bottle – the trichoz hair serum bottle is rather simple. A transparent plastic bottle n a pear shape. It reminds of the livon bottle to me. It has a white flip open cap which shuts perfectly and prevent accidental leakage of product. The bottle doesn’t have any detail of product other than the name.

trichoz hair serum

Brand claims

These are the words which are claimed by the band about their product.

trichoz hair serum


trichoz hair serum

It does not clearly state the ingredients of the product but it concludes there are “blend” of silicone conditioner.


INR 180/- for 50ml only.

Shelf life

36 months i.e. 3 years from date of manufacturing.


50 ml.


It has really mild fragrance which is hardly noticeable even in the bottle. So, it’s good that it won’t add weird smell to your hair.

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I had used the trichoz hair serum for couple of times in different weather conditions and different hair conditions as well.

Direction to use

trichoz hair serum

My experience

I had used the product as per the directions on the package and even experimented it myself. So here are the conditions and results of the trichoz hair serum.

After shampoo and conditioner: – I have dry hair and I usually condition my hair after shampoo which makes them manageable. I had used trichoz after conditioner on towel dry hair and it detangles he air really effectively. The damage and breakage of hair is minimal to none at all. And comb just glides through hair after one or two strokes.

After only shampoo: – after shampoo my hair is clean but feels dry and usually by the end of day they are frizzy. When I had used trichoz after shampoo it does help out in softening and smoothens the hair and help to detangle them easily. But it does not help much in controlling frizzing of hair.

In humid weather: – In humid weather, as per the directions I had applied half the amount of serum than usual and yes, it works out well.

In winters :- I am using the trichoz hair serum now in winters as well. The results are equally satisfying as in any other condition. It does help in smoothening the hair strands and my hair feels silkier after applying the serum.


  • Works absolutely awesome
  • Less quantity needed than other variants
  • Makes hair manageable.
  • Travel friendly size.
  • Instantly smoothens out the hair.


  • Over priced. It is almost double the price of its alternatives such as livon.


Available online on amazon, flikart etc.

Chatpatiilife ratings


Chatpatiilife’s recommendations.

The hair serum is a great choice for detangling and smoothening tangled, frizzy hair. If you can go over the budget for a good product then I will highly recommend to invest in the trichoz air serum than any other.

So this was my take on trichoz hair serum, do let me know if you have tried it or not? Or if you have any other recommendation. Till next time, make your life Chatpatiilife.


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