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5 songs for your sangeet ceremony.

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Every girl wants her wedding to be the perfect day of her life and so as the would be groom.The planning for everything from their dressing style, their entry on their wedding to their reception ideas starts from a long time. And one of these things is their special dance on their sangeet ceremony. So we are sharing with you the songs of 2017 for your sangeet ceremony on which you and your partner can shake a leg and make some wonderful memories.


  • Tujhme rab dikhta hai


Well don’t we all see our hero in our man. That’s what this song presents to your spouse. It’s no shame to tell your man that you find your everything to be him. You find your god in him.


song for sangeet ceremony





  • jag ghoomeya – sultan


I personally love this song as i had this one in my sangeet. If you love to travel or just like outings so you can actually say that you had jag ghoomeya, and of course you hadn’t find someone like him. That’s why you only love him.


song for sangeet ceremony




  • laung da lashkara – patiala house


This song is a good one for a couple dance. Move yourself with your spouse on this song as it’s not so clingy and yet so hyped. Who doesn’t like to do bhangra on punjabi song in their sangeet?



song for sangeet ceremony



  • bahara – i hate luv story



If you are kinda shy and could not get a chance to express your feelings to your Mr. Would-Be-Husband then it is the perfect song to let him know what your heart feels every time you look at him.


song for sangeet ceremony



  • badri ki dulhaniya



Hey Mr.Groom, now it is your time to make her believe that you are going to sweep her of her feet and going to take her with you. Tell her or I say show her, what is in your mind.



song for sangeet ceremony


These are some of the songs which you could have in your dance list. Do let us know if you have any more to add in the comments below. Till next time make your life, chatpatiilife.

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