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healthy way to loose weight with ACV from mamaearth.

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Hi and welcome back to chatpatiilife. It’s been awhile that I had reviewed a product, a health product because to review a health product first we need to test it to its ability. One of those product which have been tested and today am here with what I got.


Product in highlight.


Today we will discuss about ACV that is organic Apple Cider Vinegar from the company mama earth’s traditional recipes range made for mothers.


About company.


Mama earth was started by a couple who became parents around 2 years ago. Varun and Ghazal wanted to have best for their baby as every parent, but after well research over google they found that there are very limited product that are chemical free and safe for children and mother. At that time they decide to make their own product which are absolutely herbal and organic.


About product.


Apple Cider Vinegar or we say ACV is known to help in weight loss and we all know how much a new mother wanted to get back in her old shape. It not only works on your stomach but it helps in shedding overall body weight.




The product comes in a plastic bottle which is great as glass ne is more tend to slip and break. The bottle comes in a cardboard box with the company’s logo printed over it.



  • Organic Apple(fruit) Cider Vinegar to 5% acid.
  • Manuka honey.
  • Ginger (root).
  • Turmeric (root).




Organic Apple(fruit) Cider Vinegar to 5% acid promotes weight loss. These apples have being produced from himalayas. Manuka honey, which is from New Zealand improves digestion. Ginger and turmeric roots are known to boost immunity. Remember how we used to have haldi wala doodh (turmeric milk) when we got sick or hurt.

Direction to use.


Acv only helps you to lose weight when it is taken in proper manner. Acv with poor diet will not help you much.

Always shake the bottle well before use. Dilute 10 ml of the product in 250ml of water. Do not eat anything 30 minutes before or after having mamaearth ACV. Do not use directly without diluting with water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.




  • Avoid during first trimester of pregnancy
  • Consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant, nursing baby or having medicines.
  • Do not store in warm, moisture area or direct sunlight.




It is priced at INR 599 for 500 ml.


Shelf life.

18 months from packaging.

Chatpatiilife’s recommendation.


If you are looking for natural product to help you in weight loss this product is a must try. With proper diet and exercise following this mama earth’s ACV you can achieve your desired shape.



You can get this and other mama earth product from here.

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