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Why Insurance is important in our life

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insurance. the impotance of insurance in our life.

In today’s time, we always try to be cautious about our future. We always try to take decisions which not only benefit us today but will be fruitful in future also. One of these crucial decision is about the insurance. Today I want to share with you why insurance is important in our life and […]

A memorable event with indiblogger with catchupongrowth

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this was our team, team no 7

Hi friends and welcome back to Chatpatiilife once again. Today am sharing some personal/ professional experience I had just last week which was became one of the most memorable outing for me. It was the Indi blogger meet with collaboration to the Horlicks for their new product launch Horlicks growth+. It was a mesmerizing event […]

# Review – bdel hand sanitizer.

Remember your mother always teaches you to wash your hands with soap before eating food or after playing outside in park, after coming back home from school… There are many advices which you may remember about clean hands. But what’s the purpose?? 1. Introduction. Clean hands indicate good health as 90% of infecting germs spread […]

#Health – belly dance as healthy routine???

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source – Belly dance doesn’t need any major overview about what it is…nowadays many bollywood divas are performing belly dance in their movies or as a special appearance.It’s a dance form originated in Eastern Asia. The dance focuses on dividing different parts of the body and moving them independently in sensual patterns. Belly dancing […]

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