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Hereby, I simply disclaim that all the information provided over the chatpatiilife platform in any manner may it be, image, text or video is the sole thoughts of the author. They are only for the purpose of entertain, read and imply according to your own understanding of judgement. We try our best to give the sound advice and accurate and detailed information about the topics, but it’s best to consult a professional health expert or doctor in some cases.The website or author(s) do not take responsibility for any kind of effect of the given information with any person’s life. Thus, it is assumed that the audience will imply/ use the given information on chatpatiilife with their own responsibility.


Regarding the different topics.

Lifestyle – The ideas shared in the lifestyle topic are the ideas from the author itself or may be inspired from the internet, trends etc. that are going around. The information provided are just for advises and we do not hold responsible for any misunderstanding.

Beauty & Health – The items or ideas shared in the beauty column are what author owns or had experience with. The advice given are for information purpose. The audience is requested to use the advice according to their own intelligence.


DIY/ Craft, Tips

The advises given are for information purpose. The audience is requested to use the advice(s) according to their own intelligence.


Reviews – The reviews provided on the chatpatiilife platform are maybe of the owned or sent by the sponsors. But in all the reviews the thoughts ae not being biased in any matter. All the reviews are purely based on the thoughts and experience of the author. The reviews could be different from what you may experience yourself, as of the different human body and other factors like place, weather etc. thus, we hope the audience will rely on their own understanding in respect to the reviews.



We don’t support copy work. Chatpatiilife is strictly against copyediting. All the work presented on chatpatiilife is neither copied nor allowed to copy to others. If we find any kind of information from the website is used for any purpose other than personal use, we may take legal actions against you without prior notice. Kindly seek our written consent before using our content. You can write to us on subjected ‘copyright’

We do not allow any post from writer which could be against the copyright rules of any site related to the content.

While the images provided over the chatpatiilife could or could not be our own production. We try to find the proper source of them and give the credit. Still, we are humans and bound to make mistakes, so if you find any image that is copyrighted to you and if you want us to remove or change credit to you please write us at subjected ‘copyright’.


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